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Nuts can be the perfect snack


Nuts can be the perfect snack


Working out, losing weight on our GC Xtreme and looking for a snack as encouraged to do?
Nuts can be the perfect snack.
Just watch out for Macadamia’s and Pecan nuts.  They are high in calories and fat and don’t contain much protein.
Walnuts have been said to be good for Arrhythmia and the heart.
Peanuts are big on Vitamin E
Almonds, Cashews and Pistachio’s contain the fibre, Omega 3 fatty acids and protein we need to assist with hunger pangs.
Knock yourself out with all nuts if you are looking for Omega 3 fatty acids.

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Another 100% Natural Xtreme Weight Loss Testimonial for Cape Town

Another Garcinia Cambogia Review!

Another inspiring GC Review!

Another 100% Natural Xtreme Weight Loss Testimonial for Cape Town 

Having returned from a weekend in the countryside, I met with Elriza of Parklands Sun 22Feb15, who said she wanted to lose around 10kgs. After a brief Needs Analysis and GC and Detox Booster product info meeting, Elriza purchased her first LG GC Xtreme 70% HCA starter pack the following morning Mon 23Feb15.

She whatsapp’d me just after 7am today (Thu 26Feb15), saying:
”Morning Karen, I can feel a big difference already in my clothes” (smiley face)

I asked Elriza a few questions as to how she was feeling, as it had only been 3 days and her reaction to our GC was fast, although pretty much in line with majority of feedback from clients utilising our Natural products correctly.

Elriza said: ‘Full of energy and sleep so well at night”.

(Eliriza got it, just like that – and has hit the ground running, with her body reacting well to our 100% Natural weight loss fruit extract. We really look forward to receiving next week’s update, especially once she starts the Detox too!

PS. We do know that Elriza is enjoying the gym again, something certain to assist with the long term lifestyle change and retention of weight loss required)

Nice going Elriza, early days or not! Thank you!
Karen 083 457 0440
GC Xtreme Blouberg, Cape Town, S.A.

Another 100% Natural Xtreme Weight Loss Testimonial for Cape Town