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Instantly achieve fuller, thicker hair with Instantly Ageless® Hair Building Fibers from Hair in Seconds™ USA.
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Our natural fibers bond to your existing hair, creating a natural and seamless blend. Get the confidence boost you need in seconds!

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Great for Root Touch Ups in between Trips to the Salon!

Instantly Ageless Hair Repair

Hair in Seconds™ Hair Building Fibers by Instantly Ageless® are hair thickening fibers or microfibers that work instantly and are 100% safe to use.

With the primary ingredient being keratin, these are truly natural hair fibers. Hair in Seconds™ Hair Building Fibers are available in ten flattering shades.

Instantly Ageless’ Hair Building Fibers are available in the following shades:

Auburn, Black, Blonde, Medium Blonde, Brown, Light Brown, Medium Brown, Dark Brown, Gray and Light Grey

Fiber Finishing Spray

Instantly Penetrates, Repairs and Nourishes hair tips, roots, pores and scalp. All natural and CONTAINS NO ALCOHOL.

Fiber Pump Applicator

The very best option to use and instantly set the Hair in Seconds™ Instantly Ageless® hair fibers.

Instantly Ageless PRODUCT RANGE

Other highly effective products from Instantly Ageless include

Instantly Ageless topical eye cream ‘Facelift in a box’, Moisture Lift daily moisturizer and Sands of Time exfoliator, 

LATEST Arrival: AM/PM Botanical Cleanser


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