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Welcome to our About Us page at Ageless Beauty Xtreme Global

About Us at Ageless Beauty Xtreme Global in Cape Town 

Ageless Beauty Xtreme Global in Cape Town is what happens when a Company like ours partners with innovative Affiliate Anti-ageing Brands such as Instantly Ageless® and others. 

What leads to global Success is when an Association is formed with Brands that are focused on Agireline Peptide technology, Keratin based hair fibers,  Stem Cell Technology, Epigenetics, Telomere Science, Circadian Rhythms and more.

Jeunesse Success

Jeunesse’s Success began back in 2009. On 09/09/09 to be exact, when a select Team of  Corporate geniuses, Cosmetic & Reconstructive Surgeons and Stem Cell Scientists decided to work together.

They had a common goal in mind, which was to create a Billion dollar Anti-ageing Brand –  a Legacy Company beyond human imagination. 

That Company is Jeunesse Global®.

Jeunesse Global Scientific Advisory Board

Success began to happen when the members of the Jeunesse Global® Scientific Advisory Board came together as one. Their mission was to Formulate proprietary Anti-ageing products that perform!

The Jeunesse Global® product range is proof of their cumulative Success.

With Special thanks to Dr Nathan Newman, Dr Vincent Giampapa, Dr William Amzallag,  Dr Donna Antar and others for their wisdom and contribution towards our mission.  Together we are one step closer to significantly improving on the status of global health and wealth – in the most impactful manner possible.

Product Distribution

Ageless Beauty Xtreme Global in Cape Town has been at the forefront of Advanced Anti-ageing product distribution in Africa and around the globe since 2015.

We started with Xtreme Weight Management and now have Stem Cell science,  Epigenetics and so much more in the Xtreme mix.

Independent Distributors

Our Team of Global Entrepreneurs have been operating as Independent Jeunesse Global® Distributors in CapeTown,  Johannesburg, Durban, South Africa and around the world for a few years now.

As we strive to grow our Affiliate Business, we are continuously sharing the unique Anti-ageing products with both new Customers & associate Business owners – who in turn share with those within their own professional Networks.
Our Company

Ageless @ Xtreme Business Network incorporates both
Ageless Beauty Xtreme Cape Town (Jeunesse® product sales) and
Global Entrepreneur (Jeunesse® Business Opportunity) under the same umbrella.

Anti-ageing and Wealth Creation is our calling.

We go beyond our zones of comfort to ensure that all within our circle of Brilliance benefit to the max. Always.

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Get to love Jeunesse Global’s highly effective range of scientifically produced products. Get to experience what Feeling and Looking Younger is really all about. Feel it. Look it. Live it.

If keen on the Business aspect of Jeunesse, get to experience true Financial Freedom. Travel until you can’t no more.
Join us as we celebrate every circumference of the Sun and more.

To your Success.

Karen Roux


Ageless Beauty Xtreme Global in Cape Town 

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Welcome to our About Us page at Ageless Beauty Xtreme Global

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Our Mission Statement

is about building on a Billion Dollar Affiliate Brand’s Mission, where together we create positive impact in the world, by helping people Look and Feel Young, whilst empowering each other to Unleash our Potential.

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