Buy products directly from Jeunesse

Can I Buy products directly from Jeunesse?

Can I buy highly effective health & wellness products directly from Jeunesse?
INcluding a 30 day Money Back Guarantee?
Seeing many ads selling Jeunesse products & feeling confused?
If yes, please note that Jeunesse Global product sales are only permitted via Authorised Agent’s replicated websites such as for example.
Jeunesse products may be advertised via Google Ads & on Social media.
These online advertising websites are platforms that Jeunesse does NOT permit sales via:
Ads Africa, Afribaba, Alibaba, Amazon, Best deals, BidorBuy, Booc SA, ebay, Desert cart, Gumtree, Glocing, Hello Pretty, Howzit, Import it all, Junkmail, Loot, Price Check, Public Ads, Shopify, Take a lot, U Buy, Want it all, Zando & more.
Jeunesse Global Compliance Department
The Compliance Department is doing its best to curb & shut down non compliant sellers on above platforms, in a bid to ensure that only genuine & authentic products are distributed worldwide.
It is to ensure that when product boxes arrive, they are not emply and that contents all originate from the Jeunesse Global distribution warehouse in Marlyland, Florida, USA.
Compliant Jeunesse Agents are marketing Jeunesse in 140+ countries & shipping to 88+ countries now.
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
The 30 Day Money Back Guarantee of Jeunesse is only applicable if retail purchases are via website Shopping Carts of authorised Jeunesse Independent Distributors. (Ts & Cs apply)
Thank you
Karen Roux
A SA Founder, Wholesale Enrolment Facilitator & authorised Independent Distributor at Jeunesse Global since 2015 
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Our Customers have been buying Jeunesse Global products directly from us in Cape Town for a few years now. Online products requests have come from USA, UK, Europe, Africa and all over the world since 2015.

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Can I Buy products directly from Jeunesse?

Yes you can! Contact Us today for your box of magic! 

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