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Join Jeunesse® today. Distributor/Agent & Wholesale member.

Join Jeunesse® today. Distributor/Agent & Wholesale member.

Are you looking to join a good Network Marketing Company?

If yes, please see 7 areas of criteria for selecting the right company:
1. Exceptional products
2. Integrity in the Company owners/top leaders
3. Timing, good or great preferred
4. A great Compensation Plan
5. Quality, modern systems and online tools available
6. Ease of explaining: simple effective products that work with step by step instructions to apply.
7. The ‘it’ factor, or excitement

Please Contact Us today as we are ALL of the above.


Jeunesse® the Company:

Jeunesse is the only Network Marketing Company to have entered the INC. 500 list of Companies recently and is the fastest Direct Sales company in history to have attained $1billion.
(Like Facebook & Apple we took 6 years to $1 billion in sales, whilst No. 2 took 20 years)

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Join Jeunesse® today. Distributor/Agent & Wholesale member.


Are you looking to buy Jeunesse’s effective anti-ageing PRODUCTS?

Authorised Independent suppliers of Jeunesse® anti-ageing products:
NV Primer, APT-200™ Foundation Mist & Bronzer,
Instantly Ageless™,
Vidacell™ and
Zen Bodi™ Project 8 anti-ageing products.



Formulated with the Jeunesse-exclusive, youth-enhancing APT-200™, NV™ includes a skin-perfecting primer, foundation and bronzer that give you an enviable, professional airbrush finish.

Developed by celebrity Make Up Artist Yolanda Halston, founder of the Aerobrush and artist behind Oprah and Jennifer Aniston, our NV has you being The NV!

How Do I choose the correct shade for my skin tone and colour?

”Welcome to Easy Match – the quick and easy way to find your best NV foundation shade based on the makeup you already wear. Please select manufacturer, brand, and shade you would like to match”, is available to you when you proceed to our website and insert your current product in use..

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Ageless Beauty Xtreme Cape Town
Jeunesse Independent Distributor since 2015

Mobile: +27834570440
Websites: &

Facebook: Ageless Beauty Xtreme Cape Town
Instagram: Ageless Beauty Xtreme Cape Town
Twitter: ABXCapetown

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Join Jeunesse® today. Distributor/Agent & Wholesale member.

Want to join Jeunesse® in South Africa? In Durban, Johannesburg or Cape Town?

So you Want to join Jeunesse® in South Africa? In Durban, Johannesburg or Cape Town?  But you are not sure?

Perhaps you are looking for just one more reason to make the move?


Check these few facts out, just in:



How about that we are the only Direct Sales Company on the Inc. 500 list? Yes. We recently entered the prestigious list at No. 481!

“With an impressive three-year growth rate of 791%, global youth enhancement company Jeunesse® ranked #481 on Inc. magazine’s 35th annual list of the fastest-growing private companies in America.

This ranking marks Jeunesse® as the fastest-growing Inc. 500 company in the direct selling industry, and the only direct seller to rank in the top 500 this year.

In addition, Jeunesse® is the only direct selling company to have maintained a top tier ranking for three consecutive years.


Jeunesse® also has the distinction of being the only company, in any industry, on the Inc. 500 this year to have achieved billion-dollar annual sales, which is noteworthy as it is rare for a billion-dollar company to appear in the top 500.
Jeunesse is one of only nine companies to do so in the list’s 35-year history.”



What do you think of that? Impressive, we know.  We are very proud of the company we represent.

Whatever your thoughts, please Contact Karen on 0834570440 to chat further regarding Jeunesse. Either as a client requiring efficient Jeunesse® wholesale registration or as business builder requiring enrollment.
We can also put you in touch with a recommended Jeunesse® Independent Distributor near you, should you be wishing to purchase any of our Jeunesse anti-ageing products such as Instantly Ageless™ eye cream, Luminesce™ skin care range and Reserve™ anti-oxidant supplementary products nearby instead.

We can assist you, no matter what your anti-ageing requirement may be. Anytime.

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So you Want to join Jeunesse® in South Africa? In Durban, Johannesburg or Cape Town? But you are not sure?

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