Please see Jeunesse® Products available to South Africa & Africa :

We have brought you the following effective anti-ageing products, on behalf of Jeunesse® Global USA since early 2015:

Instantly Ageless™ eye cream,

Luminesce™ skin care,

Reserve™ anti-oxidant &

Vidacell® food supplements to South Africa and many more effective anti-ageing products via Import Cart.

Jeunesse product range


COMING SOON to South Africa and Southern Africa:

2× brand New Jeunesse Product ranges Coming Soon to a front door near you….

Effective Weight Management Zen Bodi™ Fit and Fuze 27 May 2017


Jeunesse® NV™ BB Perfecting Mist Foundation (the professional airbrush look) in July.


Please keep in touch, wherever you may be, as discounted Wholesale Event Packages will become available to you at time of product launches.


Please see Jeunesse® Products available to South Africa & Africa



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