Coming Soon to Cape Town & South Africa. New Jeunesse® Global’s NV™ & Zen Bodi™ products.

Jeunesse® Global brought effective Instantly Ageless™ eye cream, Luminesce™ skin care, Reserve™ anti-oxidant & Vidacell® food supplement to South Africa.  All available in S.A. Rands.

In addition to many more innovative anti-ageing products being available to you via Import Cart, more exciting Jeunesse products are on their way to our shores…



Now TWO more Brand New Jeunesse Products are Coming Soon, to a front door near you….


Jeunesse® NV™ BB Perfecting Mist Foundation


Zen Bodi™ Fit and Fuse weight management products….. Please watch this space…



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Coming Soon to Cape Town & South Africa. New Jeunesse® Global’s NV™ & Zen Bodi™ products.



Available on Import Cart wholesale are other innovative anti-ageing products, not yet available in SA Rands:

ZEN Bodi™ Shape, Fit and Pro products are a targeted holistic approach to weight management, positively effecting appetite, fat storage and muscle development.

AM & PM Essentials™ are powerful Anti-Ageing Supplements effectively delaying the symptoms of premature aging –  and the only scientific method with clinical results proven to slow the signs of the ageing process.

FINITI™ EU is Jeunesse’s most advanced anti-ageing supplement to date and contains the only proprietary blend of natural ingredients known to safely lengthen short telomeres and maintain healthy stem cells.

NEVO™ fruit juices offer a fresh twist on energy in four refreshing formulas.  Featuring real fruit juices, NEVO contains only 50 calories per can, whilst supplying just the right amount of energy

M1ND™ with CERA-Q™ from Jeunesse currently only available in USA & Canadian markets only.  CERA-Q™ was discovered in year 2000 by Korean researchers, uncovered by breaking down silkworm cocoons into smaller proteins. Data from 7 clinical studies shows that CERA-Q™ supports memory accuracy and recollection, with many of these studies showing statistically significant differences in memorization ability and word recall within 3 weeks.



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Coming Soon to Cape Town & South Africa. New Jeunesse® Global’s NV™ & Zen Bodi™ products.

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