Helping those desperate to lose weight
Helping those desperate to lose weight

CAROLINE from Sandton, desperate to lose weight, had messaged me 30Mar15.

She said that she was full of energy and was getting back to normal after having been ill. She was aware that stopping and starting her LG GC Xtreme 70% HCA (GC) was not assisting immediate weight loss.  She remained motivated, regardless.

Caroline then Whatsapp’d me Tue 07Apr15, saying her first LG GC Xtreme 70% HCA was almost finished and said:

‘‘May I order one more..? My system is working much better. I am hitting the pavement (running) every other day.  Hopefully the weight will drop fast. My pants are loser and shirts too. I am back into my pre pregnancy clothes! (I still have eft info and will add for Detox as well)”


(I replied as to how amazing fitting into smaller clothes must be for her and that I was really impressed with her results, considering how she had stopped/started our product as well.

Although Caroline did not give figures regarding her actual kg or cm loss, above ‘pre pregnancy clothes’ input allows us to assume that she has definitely lost cm’s around her hips.

This is most common with many of our clients, some either losing cm’s at onset, with others noticing kg’s more, varying from person to person.)


Very nicely done for your first month Caroline, considering you having being ill too.  Having the energy for exercise is also going to assist with weight loss retention down the line.  You may surprise yourself and notice that you lose weight a little faster in your second month, especially in light of your current ‘more than average’ exercise routine that’s developed and underway.

ps. Your 2nd GC Combo package will be at your favourite Post Office in the morning, as promised!

Keep in touch and stay as motivated as you are! Thank you!


*Disclaimer: ‘Please note that these weight loss Testimonials are received from our clients and that results may vary from person to person.’

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